Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

Yep. It's February. BUT, I wanted to be sure and get this posted. Last Thanksgiving, Cora and I made a Thanksgiving banner where we wrote one thing she was thankful for on a paper leaf every day leading up to Thanksgiving. For the record, I did not coax her to say anything. The only thing I did was try to get her to think of something different everyday. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it next year with her and Micah! Without further ado, Cora is thankful for:

1) Valentine's Day
2) Christmas
3) Mickey Mouse
4) Halloween
5) My Family
6) Spending the night
7) Moe Moe to play with me
8) Playing chase with Daddy
9) Getting to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa
10) My new friend, Puff
11) Everything I see outside
12) Playing run around with Micah
13) Moe Moe pretending my hair is yarn
14) Mommy and Daddy carving my pumpkin
15) That Jesus heals everybody
16) For God to take care of us
17) Jesus' power and love
18) To play Octonauts with Mommy
19) For Nana and Papaw to bring Mickey & Minnie
20) Mommy and Daddy to give me hugs
21) For going to the park
22) For playing outside
23) Going to the hospital to see the baby (referring to Evan Cody)
24) Kisses from Mommy & Daddy
25) Pictures of Mommy & Daddy (as kids)
26) Watching shows
27) To get treats for Halloween
28) God to make the whole world

A picture of our banner
And more pics from November

Cora and Micah helped me make turkey cupcakes

Getting ready for Micah's first haircut!

Big boy!

Getting ready to cut the curls off the back. :(

Looking like a big boy!

Just hanging out watching some television

A typical Micah mess - two boxes of gloves emptied

Silly kids

Welcome Evan Bryce Cody! Cutie pie.

This boy loves shoes as much as his momma

Rolling snickerdoodles in cinnamon/sugar

It's a messy job!

Baby girl getting big

Adia's first Thanksgiving, hanging out with her great-grandfather (aka Big Papaw)

Aunt Mandy and Adia

Hanging out with Daddy, looking adorable in her turkey sleeper

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